Study in Ireland


Ireland is the third largest island in Europe. Ireland is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It has an area of about 80,280 Sq.Km. The capital of Ireland is Dublin. Ireland’s long and honorable tradition in educational excellence is recognized all over the world. Dating back to the middle Ages, Ireland held the position as one of the principal education providers to the western world. Successive modern governments have continued to regard education as a key priority and investment in this area has been sustained for a long time. This has resulted in one of Explore more on education in Ireland at Study in the Ireland the highest education participation rates in the world today, which, in turn, has had positive implications for the strong economic growth and development of Ireland. At MOTIF, we have hardworking, honest and dedicated full-time education counselors in our Counseling & Students Recruitment Unit who provide authentic information to students who wish to study in Ireland.